Our Company Values

At City Star Employment Services, our core purpose is to provide people with opportunities and enrichment through work.We deliver our best by doing the basics of our business superbly well. We are responsive and dedicated.Underlying this core purpose, our values are:

  • We are committed to acting in the best interests of our clients, candidates, and each other. We keep our promises.
  • We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by adding value. We are flexible and innovative in our approach with our staff, clients, and candidates.
  • We value fairness, honesty, and respect in our relationships with clients, candidates, and each other.
  • Our ability to live our values is dependent upon open and respectful communication in all that we do.
Our Value Proposition
  • City Star Employment Services HR Solutions attracts top candidates and retains loyal clients with our five-point value proposition.
  • Our competitive edge is the extensive candidate pool we touch daily so we can rapidly assess and select individuals for quick turnaround on client requests.   Vivamus a risus.
  • Candidates respond to our calls because they trust our judgment and know we work in their interests.
Investment in Candidates
  • We expertly assess a candidate’s career motivation to discern readiness to explore career opportunities. We work with the top tier of professionals interested in career growth over merely their next jobs.
  • We prepare our candidates thoroughly. We take each through a resume review so they know why they match a specific opening. Our jobseekers also receive interview preparation so they know how to articulate their expertise and establish a relationship. We also brief them on the client’s business issues so they know the issues to focus on. And finally, our candidates discuss with us their compensation needs so they are prepared to accept an offer.
A Network That Goes To Work
  • We have a national network to tap at any time.
  • Our business community visibility for 8+ years.
  • Referrals are given to us rather than general firms because we are known as HR staffing experts.
Adherence to a Proven, Systematic Search Process
  • We come on-site for “culture fit” assessments.
  • We perform rigorous candidate assessment.
  • We are very, very good at asking productive questions.
  • We use proven client and candidate data gathering tools.
  • We communicate exceptionally well throughout the recruiting process.
Business Acumen
  • We are highly knowledgeable in search and HR.
  • We have a relational style with clients & candidates.
  • Our reputation is one of professionalism, integrity, fairness.
  • We are search professionals with confidence and ease in start up, emerging, and mature businesses.